A selfie of Olivia standing in her living room. She is using an Instagram filter that envelops her body in CG flames. She holds the phone camera high above her head, her face smiling softly into her phone. She is a young(ish) white woman and her dark brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

Olivia Dreisinger is a disability scholar, filmmaker, and writer. Her own fluctuating abilities often dictate how she produces work—a process that regularly leads her to new and generative mediums to explore. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

You can reach her by email.

Additional Credits

Tristan Douglas sound designed each episode. Audrey Leshay provided the beautiful landing page artwork. Episode artwork created by the lovely Mia Navarro. Website built by Matt Tescon. Funded by the Public Humanities Hub and the Public Scholars Initiative.